Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security


Next-generation endpoint security and threat intelligence services to protect businesses and individuals around the globe.

Identity & Privacy Shield

Protect user information and transactional data that could be exposed during online transactions from specific types of threats, including phishing, DNS poisoning, keystroke logging, screen grabbing, cookie scraping, clipboard grabbing, and browser and session hijacking by malicious software mounting man-in-the-browser or man-in–the-middle attacks.

Web Threat Shield

Blocks access to known phishing sites and malicious domains by leveraging Webroot Threat Intelligence to access the latest security intelligence on any website.

Offline Protection

Stops attacks when an endpoint is offline with separate file execution policies applicable to local disk, USB, CD and DVD drives.

Flexible Cloud-Based Management

Cloud-based management with full remote endpoint administration also makes the delivery of global management extraordinarily cost-effective compared to conventional antivirus.


Multi-layer defense incorporating several aspects of Webroot Threat Intelligence to help thwart threats early on in their lifecycle-often before a threat researcher sees a single sample.

Intelligent Outbound Firewall

Sophisticated firewall protects users both within and outside the corporate gateway, augmenting the Microsoft Windows® firewall to offer full control of outbound and inbound connections without adding an unnecessary drain on endpoint resources.

Virtualization, Terminal Server & Citrix Support

In addition to supporting Windows PC environments, Business Endpoint Protection also supports Windows Server, Virtualization, Terminal Server and Citrix environments.

Powering Predictive Prevention

Leveraging big data analytics and collective threat intelligence from our users and technology partners worldwide, the Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform identifies threats as they occur.